Short programmes take UWC’s mission and values to a wider audience.

Short programmes allow youth to be immersed in an intensive intellectually and emotionally stimulating UWC experience for a shorter period of time. By focusing on specific issues, students are able to explore the complexities surrounding topics and have life- defining opportunities for a highly experiential and hands-on approach to learning. Summer programmes are great opportunities to experience a UWC education, and gives the student an idea of the critical engagement required for a UWC or university education abroad.

As with the Diploma programme, our summer programmes are highly international in nature and we welcome students from many countries, with more than half being provided with needs-based scholarships. For Indians, it is an incredible opportunity to challenge their assumptions about the India they know and to look at critical issues from various perspectives. We offer three programmes ranging from 1 week to 3 weeks for high schools and a 4- week long credit programme for university students.

Explore Our Summer Programmes!

YES 1 week (1 June - 9 June, 2020)

Learn about environmental and conversation issues in India, while creating your own group project! Prepare to get down and dirty while you hike through UWC Mahindra College’s 180 acre Biodiversity Reserve, try your ...

THEATER, GENDER, IDENTITY & FILM 2 weeks (9 June - 22 June, 2020)

Stage, Vision and Gender (SVG) is the newest summer program that aims at providing a holistic approach towards gaining new ground contrary to conventional beliefs on gender identities.

ENCOUNTER INDIA 3 weeks (22 June - 14 July, 2020)

Encounter India is aimed at students interested in challenging the assumptions they have about India from social, cultural, political, religious and economic perspectives. You will experience life in rural India through...

RELIGION IN INDIA 2 weeks (Not Offered in 2020)

In India, religions touches all aspects of life. Discover how religion and religious identity in interweaves into its society, history, caste and politics. Understand the complexities behind India’s rich religious heritage...

COLLEGE UNBOUND (Not Offered in 2020)

Coming Soon

Customized School Programmes

Host Your Event at UWC

UWC Mahindra College hosts various external events on campus every year. We can offer professional catering services, our Multi Purpose Hall hosts up to 500 people, our Science Lecture Hall holds up to 100 people and we have many outdoor spaces.

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