TGIF: Theater, Gender, Identity, Film!

Dates: 9 June - 22 June, 2020

Programme Fee ₹ 130000 / $ 2000 (Early Registration Fee for Indian Students: ₹ 100000. Before 15th April 2020)  

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Do you think gender is something you're born with or has your surrounding played a role in its construct?

Do you argue that performances in Films are a reflection of society or that society is moulded by film?

Do words like ‘Misogyny’, ‘LGBT+’ ‘Feminism’, ‘Civil Rights’ have any impact on your mind?

Do you see film/theater as a powerful medium that affects the way gender and identity is defined?

Do you want to explore these mediums and express your views through performance to reach a wider audience?

Sign-up for this one-of-a-kind Theater, Gender, Identity and Film summer program at MUWCI designed specially for you! Decipher, Deconstruct and build stronger, well informed ideologies of Gender and Identity while working with the power of performance. Explore, create and express constructs of gender & identity in your own context.

Theatre Gender Identity and Film (TGIF) is a unique summer program that aims at providing a holistic approach towards beliefs on gender identities. Through methodologies that resonates ‘a complete UWC experience’, TGIF, over 12 days will indulge all its participants in exploring gender through multiple perspectives. Participants will be using the medium of performance to first explore and then convey their ideas on gender identity. 

Throughout the program, participants will engage in research, debate, ideation and creation by interacting with a spectrum of experts - writers, professors, lawyers, journalists, social activists and theatre and film practitioners. The program is hosted at the picturesque United World College, Mahindra College, India, which boasts of great settings, spaces for performance as well as an educational pedagogy that is focused on fostering critical thinking, global awareness and civic engagement among students. TGIF also provides the invaluable opportunity to interact with students from different countries, cultures and backgrounds.

The focus areas for the program are:

Law and Legalities of Gender
LGBT+ Rights and People’s Movements 
Symbolism of Gender in Media 
Identity and Misconceptions 

Students will be trained and taught techniques of stage performance through workshops, field-work and activities grounded in academic vigour. This unique course is designed to help students understand, identify and question the way gender is portrayed in popular culture and familiarize themselves with common narratives and stereotypes in the media and arts.

And finally, the creations that stem out of these 12 intensive days of learning, debate, critical analysis, new experiences, creative workshops and hands-on guidance will be sure to inspire the participants and take forth the impact well beyond the MUWCI campus.  

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