Dates: 1 June - 9 June, 2020

Programme Fee: ₹34000 / $540 (Early Registration Fee for Indian Students: ₹ 29000. Before 15th April 2020)  

Places Visited: Gomukh Organic Farm, Van Vihar Biodiversity Reserve, SWACH Waste Collection Facility, Lavasa Hill City, Pashaan Lake & more. 

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How would you like to wake up each morning in the depth of the bio-diversity hot-spot of the Western Ghats and explore the idea of sustainability? 

Is there such a thing as a 'sustainable lifestyle' that humans could adopt, or is it just a passing fad? 

Is sustainability about personal choice or is it a movement and legal construct that entire governments need to adopt? 

Is it possible to practice ‘sustainable’ housing and agriculture while sheltering and feeding the billions of people on Earth? 

Join the 'YES: Youth, Environment & Sustainability' program to explore these topics and many more! Together we will build answers in partnership with environmental entrepreneurs, senior academicians, researchers, passionate activists, government representatives and peers from all over the world. At YES we explore deeper the area of Environmental Sustainability through knowledge, skill, experience and action!

The week long Youth, Environment and Sustainability summer program encourages participants to engage with complex questions of development and conflict, globalization and consumerism that are woven through the fabric of human development and the environment. Situated amidst a world biodiversity hotspot outside the city of Pune, UWC Mahindra College offers a perfect venue for students to submerge themselves in these subjects.
The course aims to provide knowledge, experience, skill and inspiration through interactive discussions, field trips and workshops conducted by a wide range of individuals - activists, entrepreneurs, policy-makers, practicioners and academicians. The programme facilitators and partner organizations have years of experience in community organizing, environmental policy making, and adopting sustainable solutions. YES provides the invaluable opportunity to interact with students from different countries and cultures. 

The focus areas for the program in previous years has been: 

  • Solid Waste Management: Sustainability in Civic Services provided by Mega Cities
  • Food and Agriculture: Understanding GMO & Organic Farming in the context of scale.
  • Sustainable Human Habitats: Development or destruction, where do we draw the line?

Participants will deeply explore these topics and will be provided hands-on training for basic skills in Solid Waste Management through activities and case studies. Through field visits, role plays, debates and expert interactions the program aims to help students grasp the complexity of environmental issues while providing the confidence for adopting a practical approach towards sustainability. Students will leave the program equipped to make informed and sustainable choices and inspired to lead projects of change within their communities and beyond.

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